Baking is LOVE made edible”

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María Alejandra Herrera

From Architecture to Pastry arts. Since her early starts, she demonstrated talent for drawing and art, a gift she will later on develop as her professional career. In 2013, she graduated from Architecture school at Isthmus, Panama. During her free time after work, as a hobby, she started making desserts and cakes by order for relatives and friends. These desserts would later become essential sweets at parties. This is when she decides to expand, and discovers her true calling. 

In 2014, year on which the Carmelitas brand is created, Maria moves to Manhattan, N.Y. to pursue her career in Pastry & Baking Arts at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE). When finishing her studies, she had the opportunity to gain an internship with Food Network Star chef Lauri Ditunno at her cake shop, Cake Alchemy. Before returning to Panama, she gets further education on cake decorating with Chef Toba Garret. 

In 2016, Carmelitas officially opens its first cake shop in Panama City. Today it is known for its different techniques and sweets that are part of weddings, birthdays and special events.

“Just a spoonful of

SUGAR helps the medicine go down” 

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